Monday, August 31, 2015

10 Cent Day

My new change jar

I pick up pennies almost every day.  Sometimes I stop in the bike lane to do it too.  It pains me to pass one that I know I can't stop and grab because of traffic.  I picked one up on the bike lane today in front of a hardware store.  I was stopped with traffic.

As I was walking into the office, I picked up a nickel in the hallway of work.  It was just on the floor in plain sight.  I took a walk at lunch time and found a dirty penny next to a tree.  It was half buried, but you could still see the copper.  As I left work, I stopped my bike to roll up my pants legs by the side of the road and there was a very beat-up penny on the road.  

I rode most of the way home and decided to follow my mom's advice and get a jar to collect the change I find.  I stopped at this store called Bargain Hunters on Fulton in Brooklyn.  I locked my bike up to a tree out front and went inside.  The options were limited, and I didn't want to spent too much money.  I found this carafe that will work unless the money is seriously flowing (that won't be a problem, trust me).  As I walked out of the store with this carafe wrapped and stuffed in my pack, I bent down to unlock my bike…

guess what was there :) 

A nice black and greenish tarnished penny was half buried in the mulch.  I picked it up, thanked God, then put it in my pocket.  As I pulled my bike off the tree, another penny shined from the side of the road.  This one was fresh and pretty.  It was within a few feet of where I had parked my bike.  I feel like I just keep getting money rained down on me today.  I walked my bike across the street and picked up another penny as I mounted my bike.  

If you look closely, there is one more penny in the jar.  I'm not sure where I got it today.  I know I picked up 10 cents.  The night is still young, I just got home from work.  As I go out for my evening walk, maybe I'll be blessed with even more money.  Either way, I'm grateful for what I'm given. 

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