Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kicking the cup instead of the bucket and feeling "sorta" bad about it

So today I decided to run with the New York City Frontrunners group on a "fun run."  It was last minute since my other plans were cancelled when my boyfriend went in to work.

I took the C up to 72nd street and was walking briskly to the church where they had the bag drop.  I was running late for sure.  As I get close to the church, I kick a large starbucks cup in front of me and almost into the street.  I look around and apologize.  My head was looking forward and not down.

 (I love a venti black unsweetened ice-tea with light water)

I bend over, grab the cup, and throw it away in the nearest trash can, trying to be a good samaritan.  Then some guy grabs me by the shoulder and starts yelling that there was money in that cup.  It was a pan handler's cup that I had apparently kicked out of his hand as I was running to the bag drop.

"Where is the money?  He had money in that cup.  What are you, blind, stupid, or both?"

Now I am grateful that others were watching and had picked up the 50 cents that the grungy 20 something had in his cup and gave it to me to put back in the cup.  I kept my composure and apologized, but kept on to the bag drop.

Needless to say, I missed the bag drop by about 5 minutes.  I tried to run my four miles with my backpack, but it ended up being a run/walk.

When I walked back to the group after, had some water and chatted, I still had this young man on my mind.  I decided to stroll past him on my way back to the C train.  He was still there, hand out with cup in it, head looking down at the floor.  Now I see that he wasn't paying any more attention to the people passing than I was to my feet.

I'm glad I didn't hurt him, and wonder why the older guy (who was there crouched down talking to him) was saying or why he was so defensive.

May the pan handler and the man who was helping him both find favor today.  I hope this for everyone I come in contact with even if I do not give them money or food.

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