Friday, September 11, 2015

11 cents - on September 11

I started out my morning walk not remembering that today was September 11.  I had a doctor's appointment in the city at 9:00 a.m.  I got dressed and started on my walk.  Just a block from home, I found this penny.  You don't always have to go far away to find a blessing.  Sometimes they are right at your feet or close to home.  

I smiled really big when I found it (see below).  

Then I got on the subway to go to the doctor.  From Brooklyn to Chelsea (where my doctor's office is located), you have to pass through the Wall Street area.  I read my book as I made that trip.  I got out of the train, rushed to the Doctor, got out of there, picked up some Starbucks iced tea, then headed to 7th to take a different train to work.  I walked over to the subway map while on the platform to confirm that I was getting on the right train.  As I walked back, I noticed a dime on the ground shining.  I was so focused on it that I almost ran into someone.  I picked it up and sat on a bench to read and wait.  Minutes later a train pulled up.  I made it to work with one correct transfer (the local sometimes goes express at Franklin and skips my stop - I've made that mistake before and it cost me an additional 45 minutes).  

I got to work with no issues and have been poking around today.  I've had a number of phone calls from former co-workers which has been pleasant.  I talked to Lisa from CCS, Janine from Rochester General (check out her blog about saving animals from the street), and emailed with Jeff from CCS.  

It wasn't until just now as I took a break from work to look at Facebook that I realized again that today was September 11.  I have 11 cents of found money in my pocket.  I traveled twice through Wall Street on the subway and didn't realize it.  Just hearing the words "September 11" brings up memories of a broken up work party and hysterical tears from some of my favorite coworkers of all time.  One has since passed.  Many have moved on.  We are still HERE though.  WE are STILL ALIVE.  I'm grateful to be alive to have friends to love and be loved by.  I'm grateful for all of the people who have come into my life for short and long periods of time.  I'm grateful to be able to write this blog and pick up pennies.  

As I remember those who were lost that day, I am reminded even more of the blessings I have each day.  I hope that the people who were more directly affected by the losses on September 11 find peace in the good memories of those that were lost, and not sadness and despair.  In the face of evil, of terror, of hunger, of war, we can send our love, positive energy, and blessings into the world.  We don't have to focus on the bad.  We can make a small, or even a large, difference with what goodness we can share.  

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