Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A dozen if it were pennies.

The loot for today!

Since I've been biking to work, I don't really notice all of the money I probably could if I was walking. Today, I stopped at the light near work to walk my bike across the cross walk.  As I stopped I noticed a shiny dime gleaming in the light in the bus lane.  I walked quickly over to get it as a bus pulled up.  I don't think the bus drive was very happy with me walking into the bus lane to pick it up.  Then, as I walked around the front of the bus, there was a shiny penny right in front of the bus.  I knew he was stopped and picking up people, so I grabbed it.  

Penny number two was in the middle of the bike lane about two blocks from home.  I left work at approximately 5:30, but the traffic was lighter then normal.  

I didn't end up leaving the house last night, so no other pennies found there.  I still feel blessed to have money come into my life daily.  In fact, I don't think any of my savings accounts earned me 12 cents today.  The market took a crash, so my investments didn't earn me that today either.  

May you all be blessed with prosperity.  

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