Thursday, September 10, 2015

A special quarter - the power of intention

I finally saw a physician that I think is going to get me on the road to recovery for my ears.

Today was a very positive day for me.  I woke up and was able to see my boyfriend before work.  I found a free parking spot at work (a rarity), and I found a quarter outside my car on the ground.  That was just the beginning.

My nieces are collecting each of the state quarters (, territory quarters (, and the national park quarters (  Since I found this out, I've been looking at my change.  One of the positive things about Brooklyn is that people from all over the world come here, so money from all over the world (and country) circulates here more than it might through New Hampshire, where my sister and her kids live.

This brings me to the power of intention.  I learned about it from Wayne Dyer.  He was a brilliant man who just passed away recently.  His book, "The Power of Intention," was given to me by my friend Brian Quinn (as an audio book at a time when I felt like a lot was going wrong in my life.  I felt like I hated my social life, hated my job, my finances were a mess, and I didn't really find a lot of joy in life.  I decided to take a trip up to Toronto alone for my birthday.  On the way up, I listened to this book.  I decided at that moment, I was only going to speak positive into being.  I was going to speak as if the good things were happening to me now and not say "are going to happen."

Within one year, I found a job I loved, paid off all of my debt except a mortgage, had found a wonderful social life, and things really were turning around.  I am confident that it isn't all because of the book, BUT also know that reframing what I had in my life made me look at things differently.  Positive energy begets positive energy.  More positive people were attracted to me and I learned and was blessed by them.  Also, as I said I was having money in my pocket, money would come to me from the oddest places.

This week, I said to myself, "I am finding great unique hard to find quarters for my nieces every day."  Guess what?  Today, I found one on the ground.  It wasn't even given to me as change for something.

Speak your blessings into being!  Focus on the good you have and be thankful for it and more good will come!

I also found a penny this afternoon in the hallway at work as I walked to the mailroom.  I put the quarter into a pile of those collected for my nieces, and placed a different quarter in my Brooklyn money jar.  I'm thankful for the lessons I'm learning and for the 26 cents today.

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