Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Sunday Walk in Brooklyn

This morning, I took a walk in my neighborhood this morning.  I remember during each of my travels how different each city neighborhood looked.  It was interesting to me that even in different cities it the US, buildings, sidewalks, colors, roof structure, etc. was not like what I was seeing at home.  These are some photos of my neighborhood in Brooklyn so you get get a feel.  I live in Bedford-Stuyvensant (Bed-Stuy is what most of us call it). 

Note the irony of razor wire guarding the back yards of some apartments placed above the heads of people fighting for equality and freedom.  

Bike sharing is new to our neighborhood.  This citibike share has only been here a few months.  

There are quite a few murals on the streets, but unfortunately some of those have graffiti on top of them. 

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