Sunday, September 13, 2015

Digging in road tar for a damn penny

No you didn't…yes I did.  This morning, I dug into some tar in the road to dig out a penny.  It was all gooey and gross.  There were no cars coming, and I got it.  I also found a penny by the side of the road and my boyfriend found two pennies today.

It was a long day, but a good one for me.

What lesson can I take from today?

Sometimes you see something as a blessing, but you have to dig for it to get it.


Sometimes something looks like a blessing, but is covered in crap.


Maybe you can't count a penny as a blessing if you had to work to get it.


Don't leave a tar covered penny on your dash if you don't want a mess.

No matter what, I do feel like something can be learned from this.

You spot a penny in the center of the road embedded in tar.  You look both ways, and walk out and try to get it with your fingers.  You notice that it is quite stuck.  You are standing in the middle of the road staring at a penny and digging for your keys.  You examine your keys to figure out which one is the least valuable or the least likely to be damaged.

You look both ways again to make sure you have time.  You bend over and dig the penny out of the tar.  You then pick it up and realize that your hands are now covered in tar.  You look at the gooey covered smelly penny and try to figure out where to put it since it will mess up your pants more than your hands.  You decide to hold it until you get to your car.

You dig a napkin out of the glove box and try to get most of the tar off.  You then put the now only slightly tar-covered penny on your dash since you don't want it to leave a tar mess elsewhere.  You drive home and head into your apartment.

Once you arrive and look at your coin jar, you remember that there is a tar penny in your car.  You go out to get it and take it from the dash leaving a smear of tar that you must remember to clean later so it doesn't mess other things up.  The penny is deposited in the special change jar and you know that when you end up emptying this thing, there will be more than one piece of change that has tar on it.

That was the penny story for today.

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