Sunday, September 6, 2015

Four pennies and a double ear infection

This morning, I walked to breakfast with my brother and his family.  Not being in Brooklyn, I doubted we would find any change.  Even when I go to Manhattan, I notice less change.

One of the things that happens when you start finding money on the sidewalk daily is that you don't spend as much time looking up.  You spend more of your time looking forward at your feet than you do noticing the world around you.  I'm not saying that I walk with my eyes glued on my feet, or on the ground, but I do spent more time scanning the ground than the scenery.  The only exception is when I am with someone or have my camera around my neck.

I'm still not sure how he saw them first, but my twin brother found two pennies on our walk this morning.  He insisted that I take them since I have been finding and collecting change every day.  We then went to an outlet mall where I found one bright shiny penny.  My brother noticed another duller version in the same mulch.

When I see such clearly shiny pennies on a very dark surface, I do wonder how someone missed them. That was four pennies to add to my jar.  I was going to keep the jar as one that is dedicated only to money found in Brooklyn, but I think that any money found on the streets or sidewalk should count.  I'm keeping it separate from any change I get from making a purchase.

In addition to having a great time catching up with my brother, I developed yet another ear infection.  These seem to be a regular occurrence for me.  This time, the nurse practitioner said both ears had an inner ear infection.  More medicine and a hope that maybe I'll hear better now…WHAT…yes, my hearing has been not very good since February.  I thought it might be that I'm getting older, but I'm wondering if the monthly ear infection is just one that has never really fully gone away.  Hopefully this round of medicine will help.  If not, I'm blessed and I know that the solution will be in front of my eyes.

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend :)

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