Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The quest for a tiny fuse

Ten miles of walking, four failed attempts, bad soul food, and seven pennies…..that sums up my day.

Since it has cooled a little in Brooklyn, I have been walking to work.  It helps with my fitness goals since the walk is a total of almost five miles.  It also increases the odds of me finding more money.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a box fan on clearance from Duane Reade.  I assumed it would work and tossed out both the box and the receipt.  A tried to return it when I realized it didn't work.  I was unable to do so, although my mom surely would have managed it given her skill.  There was a small fuse in the plug.  I decided to try to fix it by replacing that fuse.  This morning on my way to work, I stopped by the local hardware store.  They didn't have the tiny fuse.

Tonight, on my way home from work, I stopped by another store.  They didn't have the fuse either.  I got home, put my feet up for a few minutes, and then decided to go to Home Depot to see if they had fuses.  Given my goals of being fitter, I decided to walk the two miles.  When I arrived there, I discovered they had no fuses.  The kind clerk suggested I go to an electronics store a bit further out.

I got there, asked the Dominican owner for a fuse in Spanish (not knowing the word for a fuse) while his wife helped a Hasidic Jew with his.  No luck on the fuse.  My hip started hurting for from the walking.  I decided to pop into a local pub for a drink.  They didn't offer food, so I popped next door to a soul food place.  It was an unfortunate decision.

I grabbed some food and went into the pub. If it wasn't for the double drink and my hunger, I would've dumped the food.  It was acceptable, but not what I'd choose to eat twice.

As I got home, I noticed that I was 1/10th of a mile shy of 10 miles of walking.  As my friends know, I like even numbers.  I walked to the grocery store and then home to get in my ten miles.

Two pennies on the way to work.
Two pennies on the way home.
Two pennies on the way to Home Depot.
One penny on the way home.

7 lucky pennies in my pocket.

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