Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You've gotta have heart

This morning, I woke up still a big groggy and off balance from my ear infection.  I decided that the day looked nice according to my iPhone weather app and I would walk.  Walking the 2.5 miles to work is the best way to organize my thoughts.  My chances of finding money are also increased :)  

I was about a half mile into my walk when I saw a lady about my age bend over three times and pick up three pennies.  When she was done, she pointed her index finger up and pumped the air.  I could only guess she, too, was thanking God……my first thought was, "Damn, there go my pennies for the day."  My mom's first thought (I was talking to her on the phone as this happened), "She must be reading Eric's blog."  

As I walked a little further on, I had another thought enter my mind.  I'm trying to be a better person each day.  Don't let me get preachy on y'all, but if I write these down, I'm better at remembering them.  

I need to celebrate the blessings other people receive too!

I stopped and thought about it…yes you, Eric, do.  I am already pretty good at celebrating the good things that happen to my family and close friends, but what about those things that happen to strangers. I'm glad that the woman in front of me got blessed with three pennies, picked them up, and then pumped the air as if thanking a higher power.  Celebration…really.  

I continued to walk to work.  On my way, I found a dime on Eastern Parkway that someone probably dropped during the Labor Day parade.  I also found a penny on the sidewalk closer to work. 

It was raining something fierce when I left work, and my umbrella was at home.  I decided to just embrace it.  As I walked up to the bus stop, there was a shiny penny in a puddle just waiting to be picked up.  I rode the bus to the closest stop to my apartment and the rain had stopped when I got off.  

It's been super hot here, so the rain was a welcome cooling relief.  

Speaking of hot and celebrating the joys of others, here is a video of the kids in my building.  The top floor neighbor was dumping pots of water on them from above as they giggled and enjoyed it.  These kids don't have much, but always seem to be laughing and enjoying life.  

If you can't get that to work, it is also on youtube at

As I walked to my apartment from the bus stop, I found a penny on the ground along with this purple plastic heart jewel.  I picked both up.  

When I got in my apartment I grabbed some string that I had used to make a crafty wrapping paper and decoration for my nieces birthday gift last January, and tied it onto the heart.  

It was just the thing to give to one of the kids playing out front who is always polite to me.  They make me laugh.  Here is a photo of the finished product.  

The heart we have goes through tough times, pain, sorrow, loss, and anguish, but there is joy too.  If we can spend more time celebrating our joy, and the joy of others, I think the hard stuff will be easier to take.  Thanks for the blessings for me and for others today.  

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