Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are lawyers the only well dressed people anymore?

I was fortunate to remember to vote this morning.  I was pleasantly surprised at all of the compliments on my outfit today.  It makes me wonder if people just don't dress up as much anymore.  My dry cleaner stopped and asked me if I was a lawyer.  I asked him why he thought that as I said I wasn't.  He said it was because I always dressed so well.  He thought I was either a lawyer or an FBI agent.

I take pride in wearing fun bright colors and nice suits.  I am not a man of great means, so I try to mix and match what I have to still look good.  That includes wearing suits that may be 10 years old and have bigger pants with pleats in them, but also wearing some skinny pants with a  funky hat and bow tie.  I'd like to think that in this city and this day and time, there are lots of well dressed people who aren't lawyers.  In fact most of the lawyers I know don't really have much fashion sense (sorry sister of mine).

The men I see on the street who are well dressed are usually in the stock market.  Women here all seem to have great style, but given my gender and sexual orientation, I usually notice the men first.  When I'm around wall street, the men are all in the newest fashion of suits, sweaters, tailored pants and the like.  I also notice plenty of the people who are working in the fashion industry and many of the social media companies dressed up, but they are more into fashion clothing than into expensive suits and ties.

Two weeks ago, I discovered a leak in the ceiling of my closet.  It has formed mold.  My super said I needed to empty the closet so he could take care of it.  I spent a lot of time doing that today and taking stock of my clothes.  Before I put them all back, I need to try them all on and cut my wardrobe in half.  Soon, I will have my fiancé living with me and he'll need some room for his clothes.  It's a shame he isn't the same size as me, but I still love every bit of him. He has great taste in clothes and always looks good.  

I will make it work though.  I already have at least one large bag of stuff to go to the local thrift store where hopefully someone else will take it and look good in it.  

I haven't forgotten the pennies, by the way.  I've found five to six pennies each day over the past few days.  I also found a dime or two.  My money found on the street jar is starting to look full.  Maybe I'll earn enough to buy something nice to wear.  

May you all get compliments on your outfits and enjoy looking good today and always.  

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