Saturday, December 12, 2015

A visit to the bank

I went to the bank this morning to turn in my change.  I decided to cash in the money that I'd found on the street so far since August 31.  More than 12 dollars!!  The change alone was over $10 and I had two bills.  I also checked into the banks rates for CDs.  Unlike Chase, which has been my bank for 16 years, TD Bank will let you open a CD with just $250.  They also have rates right now that are a minimum of 200 times higher than those of Chase.

I had to wait in line for the change machine and noticed that some people had dropped money that had slid under the machine.  Before I started counting my money, I ran my keys under the edge of the machine and found four more pennies to put in the machine.

I ended up going across the street to Chase and withdrawing a bunch of money to put in CDs at TD Bank.  I have an account for my high school reunion and it makes sense to put that in a CD.  I am also considering moving all of my accounts to TD.  Most of their investment and savings vehicles have higher rates and are much more flexible than those of Chase.  I just need to figure out one or two things at Chase that could be complicated if I switch.

I made a guess about how much money I was turning in and was right.  TD bank gave me a new change bank as a gift for guessing close to right.

As I left the bank, I immediately found four pennies on the ground.  I found two more on the walk home.  That means I can start again with my money finding mission and fill this new bank with that money.  Once it gets close to full, I'll bring it back there to count it for free and deposit it.

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