Friday, December 18, 2015

It's not a's not a rat

I work in a hospital and medical school in Brooklyn.  My office is next to a major construction project.  Given that, there is frequently something unusual happening in or around my office.  We've had bad smells, ants, the occasional mouse, and other bugs since I got here.  Having worked in other cities and other buildings in Chicago, NYC, DC, and other places, I know this isn't odd unless it becomes a regular thing.

This morning, I went into the closest men's room near my office.  This happens to be immediately next to construction that recently started on the outside wall next to this bathroom.

I did my business and then went to wash my hands.  Out of the corner of my eye in the mirror, I saw something that was at least 8 inches long moving up the side of the urinal behind me.  My heart jumped into my throat for a minute, and I was very close to running out of the men's room into the lobby screaming while leaving the water running in the sink.

I turned quickly to look as if in a horror film, ready to sprint, only to realize that the construction crew had left duct tape and plastic all along the side of the urinal when they must have taped it off this week.  The air had kicked on and made it move like something undulating.

Freak out averted.

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