Thursday, December 10, 2015

On no you didn't

Yesterday, outside my office, a construction crew removed our old coffee kiosk.  It's next to the men's room and just a few steps away from my door.  As I walked by, I noticed at least a dozen pennies and some nickels and dimes encrusted in dirt, coffee grounds, dirt, and dust.  There were quite a few people working in the space, but I had a vision of the housekeeping crew just sweeping all that money into the garbage.

I went back into my office and told the staff that I was itching to pick it all up, but needed to wait for the crowd to go away.  Both of my staff laughed and then suggested I sweep it up.  I grabbed the dustpan and broom and went out and swept up as much as I could in a few minutes.  I walked back into my office and picked out each coin and washed them one by one in the sink.  Almost $4.00 of change went into my change jar yesterday.

You may laugh, and I hope you do.  I laughed and shook my head as I did it.  Still, for the five minutes of work, I got a pocket full of change and now my change jar smells like a coffee shop.


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