Monday, January 18, 2016

Does Size Matter?

Last night, David and I had another couple over for dinner.  Being gay men, we are apt to talk about lots of things that might not come up in a normal conversation with my mom.  One of the things that we did talk about was size last night.  It was very clear that size, in some cases, makes things more comfortable, and in others less so.

When I moved to Brooklyn, I gave up my two bedroom two bathroom cottage on the lake.  In downsizing, I got rid of half of my dishes, and much of my furniture.  Last night, I realized just how tiny my apartment is.  I don't really have a living area that is very large.  There is no dining area.  My living room is combined with my kitchen meaning that one wall of my living room has the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator on it.  There really isn't much room for any kind of table.

Still, last night, we figured it out.  We moved the coffee table (which has dishes drying on it on a towel in this photo given that there isn't quite enough room on my counter to dry all of my dishes from the party).  My mom gave me a little sewing table that is two feet by three feet.  I set that up and pulled up stools.  We had to use the floor to put some of the serving dishes.  Cozy it was.  It was also a great deal of fun.  

I've found that most New Yorkers don't cook much.  In fact, many of them use their oven and cabinet for additional storage and eat out 90% of the time.  For me that's:
1.) Not healthy
2.) Expensive
3.) Adventurous in that you get to try lots of good food
4.) Doesn't allow me to flex my creative cooking and enjoy the stress relief that it provides.
5.) Doesn't let me have friends over and break bread with them that I've cooked which is so rewarding.  

David and I figure that in our next apartment, we are going to try to find a space that is at least four feet wider, or has a separate eat in kitchen or dining room.  We can hope.  The apartment search has started and no luck yet.  

On this cold Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day, I'm going to be cooking again and planning the next time I can invite friends to get cozy with me and break bread together.  

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