Sunday, January 3, 2016

Only in NYC

Times square on December 30.  Trust me, you want to avoid it that entire week.  David and I got tickets to see Dames at Sea through a local discount service.  The challenge being that you had to pick them up in Times Square.  I feel like the entire week before Christmas through New Years Day has more people in Times Square than live in the county where I grew up.  You can't make it five feet in 15 minutes without shoving your way through.  With technology, so many people are looking at their phones and not paying attention.  To add to that, you have three huge stages set up for New Year's Eve with all three simultaneously doing sound checks at top volume, and all of the trashcans are sealed shut to avoid bombs.  That means that on top of trying to push your way politely through the crown, avoid getting hit by cars, you also have to watch where you are stepping with garbage all over the street.

Dames at Sea is a cute show.  It's a spoof of musicals from the early 1930s.  They act, sing, and dance over the top, and the story line was easy to follow.  I wanted us to have drinks, so I got two cocktails and a bag of peanut M&Ms.  I forget that they charge that much more in the theater.  $42 later, and we had two weak drinks with our M&Ms.  We did have fun though, except for the person who was sitting very close to us who kept emitting noxious gases.  Fortunately, I had some strong flavored chewing gum to offset that cost.  Everybody farts, but a half dozen times each half of a musical where you are confined?

The subway home proved to be challenging for me, but entertaining for David.  Some young lady with a very thick Queens accent was being very loud.  One drunk man who was drinking beer on teh subway told her to shut up.  They kept arguing.  She was trying to get him to do something that she could put on some reality website.  He did end up stripping, but fortunately stopped before taking off his pants.  He had a very thick accent and was yelling back and forth with her about sex and swearing while dancing around a pole in the middle of the subway car.  He was a 60 year old latino man with a thick spanish accent, but she kept calling him a leprechaun.  It was like watching a train wreck or accident.  I just wanted to switch cars and ride in peace, but most of the people were enjoying watching the verbal battle.  When stuff like this happens, I feel like there must be some hidden camera nearby, but no, it's just New York City.

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