Saturday, February 27, 2016

A REAL Grocery store...sort of

This morning I dropped off my clothes at the local laundry to be washed.  I was almost out of the detergent that I prefer and really didn't want the itchy skin that comes from the stuff that they normally use.  I decided to check out the nearest grocery store in my new neighborhood.

They have parking...really.  There is a parking lot.  I pulled in and walked to the doors.  As they opened, I was greeted with an entire isle of lots of different veggies.  I feel like I'm not in the city (sort of) any more.  It felt great to walk up and down the isles and see all of the choices.

For the past year, I've live in Bedford Stuyvesant.  The nearest grocery store was about the size of four bodegas.  The produce usually looked like it was weeks old.  They didn't have any teas other than lipton (I'm a really big tea drinker).  I never liked the way the chicken or meat looked.

This new place has a nice deli, decent looking meat and fish, and is closer to what I grew up with and have lived with for most of my life.

I would stock up on as much food as I could every time I went out of the city.  My friends would laugh at me for buying six boxes of tea and four jars of salsa.  I'm excited to have a nicer grocery store close to my apartment.  They may not have a bodega on my block that's open all night, but this more than makes up for it.

I also went looking for a gym to join.  I wasn't so lucky there.  My two options within a half mile are both one room small gyms with no locker rooms.  The thing that I like most about gyms is taking group fitness classes.  I may have to find something a bit further away that has what I want.

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