Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bags, Bags, Bags, Bags, Bags

Stop the madness already.

I moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn where the grocery store is close and has a parking lot.  I was there twice yesterday.  The first time I went, I came from work and didn't have my reusable grocery bags.

My sister turned me on to reusable grocery bags.  She used them long before they were something that most people had.  She always had them in her car along with some chairs, blankets, water, food, the kitchen sink, etc....

When I lived in Chicago, they gave you money off if you brought your own bags at the grocery store. in Washington, DC, you paid for plastic bags if you wanted to use them.

In Brooklyn, they could give two shits.  No matter what store you go into, they give you not one, but two bags.  They double the bags.  Buy a candy bar, get a double bag to put it in.  You actually have to remind them to use your bags if you bring them.

"No, please don't put that one candy bar into two bags.  I don't need a bag for it.  I'm going to put it in my belly in about 30 seconds."

I understand that some people walk long distances or take public transit and may need a double bag for some heavy things that might fall through.  The rest of us, 90% of the people, don't need you to waste the bags like that.

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