Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A typical Brooklyn over-reaction bites me in the ass

Yesterday was one of those days that just doesn't seem to go right from any angle.  On Sunday morning, I sprained my ankle during an obstacle course race with my fiance and friends.  I managed to finish the rest of the 5.6 mile course and do most of the obstacles.  Needless to say, the sprain was painful, but not a major sprain.  In fact, the swelling is down and the ankle is almost back to normal color and size today.

Driving the five hours home in traffic with a very sore right ankle and using a stick shift was not my idea of fun.  Ever shift and every move of the gas peddle hurt.  When we got home, David and I were both very hungry.  We hadn't consumed enough food to make up for the race.  We ordered.  By the time the food got there and we ate, it was late.  Neither of us slept well.  Monday morning came way too quickly.  I dragged myself out of bed and made it to work.  I struggled through the morning with a bunch of mistakes in emails and on letters because I was so foggy.   At about 11:30, I decided to take a half day and go home to sleep some more with my ankle on an ice pack and some advil in my system.

The fates conspired to prevent me from finding a parking space for a full hour.  Between the street cleaning, the family field day at the elementary school, and what I guess is normal parking on a week day there, I finally found a half of space.  I parked there knowing I'd have to wait until 1:00 to try to move my car when the street cleaning was over.

I got to the apartment to find David there cleaning.  I have to admit I was already in a really bad mood.  I wasn't nice to him and he ended up leaving early.  That made me feel even worse.  I was mad at myself for not being nice to him when he had spent the morning making our apartment shine for us.  I couldn't sleep.

What did I decide to do? I decided to return the two large boxes of a bed frame that had arrived damaged.  I lugged the 60 pound and the 30 pound large boxes to my now moved car.  I drove to the post office.  I parked illegally out front and limped, dragging the boxes into the post office.  Yes, I know I'm stubborn.  I should have waited until David could help me.  I didn't.

I then had to wait 25 minutes in the post office line to talk to a clerk, only to find out that you can't mail large packages there and have to go the downtown post office (that has no parking even illegally nearby).  That added to my frustration and anger.

Inside the line at the McDonald Ave Post Office

A post office in any small town in upstate New York has a parking lot so you can pull up and mail packages.  This city was really sucking today.  I decided to go to a fed ex place instead.

Proof that there is parking at the post office where I used to live and there was never a line (Colliersville, NY)

After hefting the boxes back to my car (it wasn't the weight so much as the size that was awkward) while limping, I got them in the car.  I drove to a fedex place.

There was no parking there either, so I put on my flashers.  Once I got the boxes inside a spot opened up on the street.  I stumbled out to park there.  I was getting in my car, clearly double parked with flashers on, when a lady pulled up in her little car and took the space.  I was so angry, I flipped her a double bird.  She  then glared at me and mouthed "if you want this spot, take it."  I just shook my head no and walked back inside.  Low and behold, the lady was also mailing a package in fed ex.  I tried to apologize, but she was having none of it.  She told me to go "f'&*k" myself.

To add to the misery, the package was going to cost almost as much to mail (I had to pay for it for some reason) as it cost me in the first place.  That being said, at least some of my money would come back in a refund.  So I had a shitty experience on Amazon and at fedex and ended up paying over $100 just for those joys.

Fortunately, David saved the day after I was able to have a nap.  He forgave my bad mood and brought me a treat when he came home from work later that day.  If it wasn't for his smile, laughter, good humor, and forgiveness, I probably would have cried myself to sleep.

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