Saturday, August 27, 2016

He shot him!

Words can't express the feeling that I have in my heart right now.  I'm grateful to be alive.  I'm thankful that my friends are ok.  I appreciate the fact that I live in Kennsington Brooklyn.  I rejoice that David didn't take an apartment in the Bronx early in our dating life.

Tonight, David and I went to a friends apartment to celebrate his 48th Birthday.  It was a lovely fete with huge trays of Nigerian food (joloff rice, egosi soup, pounded yams) and flowing liquor.  The music was loud and people were dancing and laughing.  We were happy for our friend who was having a good time.  We also got to see a bunch of friends who came to our wedding and whom we enjoy.

As we left the party to walk to our car (I drove because it's a very long subway ride on the weekends), we had to walk out of the complex, cross a bridge, and then get to our car.  I was walking fast in front.  I was eager to get home to my bed.  David and two friends who were catching a ride with us were talking, laughing, and walking behind me.  They had all had a few drinks, but I had not given that I was driving.

As we left the complex and started on the bridge, we heard tires squealing and then firecrackers going off.  I looked over to see a guy looking like he had just set them off and was going to run away.  There was a mess of stuff on the ground around him.  Then people started screaming.  David and his friends ran.  Someone yelled, "get down" and I dropped as fast as I could.  I then crab crawled backwards and started running as soon as I rounded the building.

David and his friends saw the shooting happen.  They saw the flash and the young man fall.  I was oblivious.  Fortunately, none of us was hurt.  We then ran back to our car and got the heck out of there.  I'm still in shock.  We all are.  The drive home was an hour and I still am shaken.  A young man was shot within 20 feet of me.  There were hundreds of people around including kids in strollers.  Any one of us could have been caught by a stray bullet or in crossfire.  I am fortunate that all I have is a bloody scraped knee from the mess.

I don't know if I'll be going to any more anythings in the Bronx any time soon.  Life is short.  I'm glad mine wasn't shortened tonight.


  1. Oh, my God, Eric. I am so glad that you and David are OK. Physically, anyway - I imagine the shock might stick with you for a while.

  2. Prayers for you and all involved so glad you are ok but wow that is too close for comfort

  3. I am very happy to hear you are all safe and sound! Sending you all lots of love.