Monday, October 19, 2015

A Brooklyn Commute

This morning, there is a chill in the air in Brooklyn.  It isn't Oneonta or Rochester where people posted photos of snow this morning, but I did have a chilly walk to work.  I left work to go outside.  I had dug through my drawer and found two gloves and an odd head band.  I figured it would suffice until I found my winter stuff that I think is under my bed.  As I walked out, I went to put on my gloves and discovered that I had grabbed two left gloves and one had a hole in the thumb.  I'm not sure about you all, but I may be the only person who consistently loses my right glove.

I turned around since I was still on my block and it was chilly to head back and grab another glove.  As I approached my apartment, I noticed a dime shining in the sun.  Thanks, Gram (and God).  I was reminded that:

"Sometimes you have to change your perspective or angle to see how you can benefit from something." 

I didn't notice the dime before because I was blocking the sun from reflecting on it.  In walking back in the other direction, I was no longer blocking the sun from reflecting on the penny. That change in direction and point of view not only showed me a dime, but allowed the sun to shine on my face, a really glorious feeling on a cold day.

I realize that I posted photos and a video of a Rochester commute with quite a bit of quiet and almost no traffic.  This morning seemed much quieter and calmer than most for me in Brooklyn.  Maybe the chill in the air calmed the nerves of the people who usually honk all the time.  Trust me, there was still plenty of honking going on, albeit less than normal.

If you listen as you watch it, you do note that I did catch at least one honk.  The honking and traffic continued throughout my walk to work.  As I approached work, I realized that I forgot my work I.D. at home.  It's a pain in the behind when that happens since you have to show security your license and they have to call someone to verify that you work there.  Luckily, the security guard who knows me was working this morning and just gave me a pass.  There are benefits to being nice to people and saying "howdy" to them when you see them.

Think about changing your perspective today.  Maybe there is a benefit you are missing.

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