Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Collecting Pennies

My friend Yesenia, shared this article about a man collecting more than $5,000 worth of pennies over the years.  Over his lifetime, he focused on pennies alone.  He never spent a penny, but instead put all of his pennies in buckets.

I don't think that is my intention.  I know a number of people who seem to keep jars of money collecting.  I think that after a year of collecting this money (August 31, 2016), I will deposit it somewhere where hopefully it will earn some interest.

This is simply an experiment to find out how much I can collect in one year.  Initially, I thought I might be lucky enough to find money on the ground every day.  For six weeks, I didn't miss a day of finding at least a penny on the ground.  That included days when I drove to work and didn't really go out much.  After six weeks, the penny finding became slightly more sporadic.  I still find money on the ground almost every day.  I took the bus today and found a penny as I got off.

I hope that you you are blessed with some extra money in your pocket today.

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