Monday, October 12, 2015

Difficult conversations take two

Today is Columbus Day.  Our office is closed.  It's strange to me that we get it off, but they don't give us the Friday after Thanksgiving as a vacation day.  I'm trying to change that.

The friend who is living on my sofa has been here another week without talking to me about finding a new place to stay.  I left him alone for the week.  It was painful personally.  He tried to avoid me most of the week.  He wouldn't talk to me or look me in the eye.  Sad, but I think this really has destroyed our friendship.  I have to let it go to save my sanity though.

This morning, we talked again.  I told him that I have friends coming to stay at the end of the month for Halloween and he had to be out by then.  He said he had spoken to his case worker and they were looking to find him something fast so that he wouldn't have to go into a shelter.  I don't want him to go into a shelter, but I want my freedom again.

He said he would be gone as soon as possible if not sooner.  I'm glad about that, but sad that it had to come to this.  Please pray that his case worker finds him a safe place to stay that isn't a shelter.  Then I will feel better about the entire situation.

Finally, I can host friends from out of town again (for no more than three days).  I've been telling people all summer that I didn't have a place for them to stay.  My sofa should be free after Halloween when my friend Patrick is coming to stay and celebrate the weekend with me and my new fiancé.

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