Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Parking tickets - my duty to support NYC beyond my taxes, also soup and good news.

I'll try to keep this positive.  I really did think I had parked on the right side of the street after circling this morning.  As I approached my car, the orange ticket on my windshield proved me wrong.  I kicked the air and swore a little bit (ok, I swore a lot about this F%&*ing city and the d*&n cops).  I know they are doing their job.  There is a good reason for this.  I'm reminded yet again why I either need to get my parking situation resolved or get rid of my car all together and join zip car or rent a car when I need one.  

I got in my car and drove back to my apartment to park in front.  I triple checked to make sure that I am parked in a spot that is good until Friday morning.  

Then I ran into my apartment to grab my house guest.  He brought home lentils and asked me how to cook them.  I've never made a lentil soup recipe that I enjoyed.  I've tried a few times.  I asked my mom and she said, "if someone said I could never eat lentils again until the day I died, I wouldn't be upset."  I'm adventurous though.  We found a recipe online.  I carefully read the reviews that said double the spices and don't use water.  We used broth and extra crushed tomatoes instead, added some chicken sausage, and some crushed pepper flakes.  I'm hoping it isn't too spicy and it ends up delicious.  

The only place I've ever loved lentil soup is at a place in New Jersey that is a mom and pop turkish restaurant.  The lentil soup there is amazing.  It's called Dayi'nin Yeri.  I don't know what they do to it, but I could eat that stuff all day.  Hopefully the stuff we make is good.  

While I was in the grocery store, I got a call on my cell from an unknown number.  I answered it.  A gent said he was at my door with a gift for me.  I thought he might be there to serve me a court appearance document (in case the person I fired decides to sue me).  I left the grocery store where my houseguest was holding the grocery basket and ran the block to my apartment.  I was wrong.  I got my first engagement gift.  I haven't opened it.  I'll wait for my fiancé to come home from work.    That brightened my day.

When I got back from the grocery store, my house guest and I pulled together this recipe.  It's now simmering on the stove. It won't be ready until 8:30, so we ordered dinner to be delivered.  This will make for good leftovers. 

I also got some good news that the houseguest found a place to live and is moving out this weekend.  It's been over nine months.  I checked and he thinks he should be able to earn enough money to cover food.  He is staying in the neighborhood and moving in with a mutual friend who needs a roommate.  That is a blessing and prayers that have been answered.  

I also found a few pennies on the way home.  Even on some days when bad stuff happens (that may cost you hundreds of dollars), there is good out there.  

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