Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Muffins and Tears

Now that the pumpkins have cooled off, it's time to make the muffins.

This recipe makes so many muffins.  I also add chocolate chips.  There are very few things that are worse off with chocolate included.  As they are baking, my houseguest (who can't get out this weekend, go figure) and I watched Forever Strong.  We both teared up throughout the movie.  It's a feel good movie with great themes for kids.  It can seem a tad bit violent with all of the rugby hits, but there is no swearing or nudity.  My houseguest should be moving out on Thursday.

Something about baking makes me feel awesome.  I love the act of baking, the smells, the tastes, and sharing with good people.  The last time I made these muffins, I forgot the sugar.  Yes….the sugar.  They tasted like dirt.  I almost forgot it this time too.  I looked at the recipe a few times thinking I was missing something.  It also looked too soupy compared to what my mom's looked like and I know that can't all be because I used real pumpkin instead of the can.  

They do taste good, but not quite as good as my moms.  They have a bit too much spice in them.  I think that the pumpkin in a can is much more concentrated.  This recipe makes 2-3 dozen muffins.  

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