Monday, April 4, 2016

Long Distance Friends to the Rescue

Brooklyn is full of interesting things and people.  As you get older, though, it is tough to make new friends.  I moved here just after my 38th Birthday.  This weekend, I just needed some friends.  Some stuff was happening in my personal life and I desperately needed to be face to face with someone who loves me and doesn't judge me no matter what I say.

I reached out via text and phone to the few people I know here.  None of them responded quickly.  Those who responded were busy and couldn't see me, but would check in on me later.  I called my brother and he was busy with his family.  I was so upset I almost drove over to Philly to be with him.  I didn't want to ruin his family night out, though.

What does one do in this situation?  I posted on Facebook that I was down and wanted some jokes.  Immediately, my phone started blowing up with texts of friends from all over the country asking me if I needed to talk.  Facebook jokes comments were coming so fast and furious that I decided to delete the post.  It's funny that some people who I don't really know that well even reached out.  We were close enough to be Facebook friends, but little else.  These people knew what it was to be down and wanted me to have the option to talk to someone.

I was touched.  I am touched.  Although I haven't connected with people as much and as well here, I've still got the most amazing people in the world in my life.  I spent an hour on the phone to Chicago, an hour on the phone to Rochester, an hour on the phone to Binghamton, and all the while was texting and facebook messaging with Oneonta, Rochester, Philly, and even Brooklyn.  As the night wore on and my upset continued, a newer friend in Brooklyn video chatted with me for an hour.
As it is with most of my bad/sad moods, I'm pulling out of it.  I knew I would.  It just takes time and some love from not just myself, but from those who I've loved over the years.

Thanks for being my friends :)

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