Friday, April 8, 2016

New Yorkers unite in hate of police

Tuesday night, I had a conference call in the early evening.  I decided that I wanted to still fit in a quick workout.  I left the office a little early and drove to the gym.  Traffic was terrible because of an accident.  Side note, if you get in a accident on a busy road, isn't it smarter to get out of the traffic if there is room on the side of the road?  

I pulled into a spot near my gym.  I got out of my car, went to the passenger side, took off my trench coat since it doesn't fit in the gym locker very well, picked up my gym bag, and I walked the seven car lengths to the parking meter to get a ticket.  

I inserted my credit card and added two hours to it.  The machine processed the card and printed the ticket.  I walked back the 7 car lengths to my car and there was a police officer giving me a parking ticket.  

"Are you giving me a ticket?  Really?  Are you serious?  I parked, went to the meter, and walked back.  I have the ticket to put in my car window right here?"
The cop looked at me.  She clearly hears this all day, but I had proof in my hand.

"Let me finish this ticket process, and then I will withdraw the ticket.  My machine doesn't let me stop once I have started."  

I understood this.  I was trying to stay positive.  Two ladies came walking out of the store I was parked in front of.

"You best not be giving him a ticket.  Is she giving you that ticket?  You just got here.  I saw you."

"No mam," I replied, "she is going to not give me the ticket." 

"Darn right she's not.  Good."
Then I watched as the cop continued the ticket process.  Another guy approached...
"Are you fucking kidding me.   This guy just parked here.  Give a ticket to all these other cars that have been sitting here.  He paid for his parking.  Guy, I can help you out.  Take a photo of the other cars here."

"No, I have it under control.  She isn't going to give me a ticket."

The cop said she wasn't going to give me a ticket and this other guy started yelling at her about how they always give stupid ass tickets to people who don't deserve them.  At this point, I was afraid she was going to walk away and leave the ticket on my car anyway.  As much as I appreciate the one time that New Yorkers seem to want to help me, they were only hurting me this time.  

I tried to get her to relax and waited patiently.  I did the best I could to remain polite and calm.  She did withdraw the ticket so I could get to my workout.  

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