Saturday, June 11, 2016

Change of Scenery to reframe my perspective

This week, I had the good fortune to go to Cooperstown, NY for a conference for work.  Sometimes, getting out of the city is a great way to refresh and to reframe.  I lived just outside Cooperstown for three years.  Although it was beautiful and the people were nice, I craved something a bit more lively and populated.  I knew that going to Brooklyn was going to be a challenge because it was the opposite extreme of Cooperstown. I took on the challenge of a new job and a new place with excitement and at full force.

Fast forward almost a year and a half and I'm back in Cooperstown for a few days.  There was almost no traffic, everyone was polite and wanted to chit chat, and there were lots of waves and smiles, even from strangers. 

This was the view outside the hotel conference room.  It was beautiful.  

This was breakfast on my last day.  I almost forgot to snap a photo before it was gone. 

Main street on a Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.

The quaint farmers market full of organic food and home-made goods. 

I drove back to the chaos of the city with tiny little coffee shops with people practically sitting on top of you, small portions, high prices, and produce that wasn't nearly as fresh.  Still, I'm reminded that Brooklyn is full of great things.  There is a GLBT Pride parade tonight and I could eat at any restaurant I chose with amazing food within a 20 minute walk or subway ride.  I have broadway and the fashion district in my back yard.  I'm next to one of the busiest airports to travel anywhere in the world.  There are good things here to appreciate.  I was just glad to appreciate some of the quieter and more quaint aspects of upstate this weekend. 

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