Saturday, August 13, 2016

Being Black in small town America

It pissed me off.  I won't mince my words.  If David had been hurt at all, I think I probably would have gone ape-shit crazy on those girls.

It's a Saturday night in Waddington, New York which is a tiny little town.  David and I were finishing our honeymoon staying near my parent's house.  We had gone to see the parade with my high school friends and then out for a drink.  David got cold (I'm used to the cold since I grew up there) and was walking briskly ahead of me and the three girls down the street toward our car so he could get a sweatshirt.

As we strolled down the street chatting, I wasn't worried about him.  That was until I heard a number of high pitched screams as if someone was being attacked.  I looked away from my conversation with my dear friend Alison to see three young girls who screamed like that just because they saw David walking quickly on the side walk in their direction.  He was playing on his phone and not even looking up.  How can a man of his stature who is playing on his phone even seem like a threat, let alone one that warrants screaming as if you are BEING attacked.

If Alison had not stopped me, I would've given these three drunk teenage/early 20's girls a swift talking to.  Damn small town, close minded, racist people.

David never mentioned it.  I don't even know if he knew we heard and saw.  He was so focused on running to the car to get a sweatshirt that he let it go.  I didn't let it go.  It still steams me.

How can this be right?  Why would someone not teach these girls?  I still wish I had said something:

1.) Not all black men are out to get you
2.) Not all black men will attack you
3.) Many black men would care less to even cross paths with you
4.) To scream in a black man's face is almost as bad as calling him a racial epithet.  Learn some manners.

Also, screaming when you see something frightening could have brought the police or other people who would harm David just because you happened to be scared of the color of his skin.  Then he would have been hurt because of your fear, not because of anything he did.  Scream when someone actually threatens or hurts you.  Learn to not be so damn drunk (probably under age).  Grow up.

Thank God my husband wasn't hurt, or I don't know if I could ever forgive you.

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