Saturday, December 19, 2015

Subway challenges on the weekend

My twin brother is visiting this weekend.  Last night, I chose to meet him at Penn Station and guide him to my place.  Although I've traveled in and out of Penn Station myself, I've never tried to meet someone there.  That place is crazy.  We figured out how to get him here, but never decided where to meet.  Little did I know that there were at least two Dunkin Donuts next to a Hudson News and a Cappuccino place.  We finally figure it out.  We then went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and explore.  Fortunately last night's travel went relatively well.

One of the challenges of city subway travel during the weekends is that the city does subway construction.  Sometimes the construction is not clearly explained.  This was definitely the case today.  Although my GPS said it was going to be easy to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with minimum walking by taking it directly to the 86th street stop, we should have known it wasn't going to be easy.  I should have trusted my gut and followed most of the people when 90% of them got off the train at Columbus Circle.  Little did I know that the C Train wasn't going to stop again until 125th street.  My brother and I made it back down to 59th street and then walked in the frigid wind through central park to the museum.

I forgot how much I walk compared to most people.  What seemed like normal walking to me today really knocked out my twin brother.  We did just over 8 miles.  On a normal day, I walk approximately 5 miles.  On weekends it is not unusual for me to walk 8-10 miles exploring the city and beyond or going for a 5-7 mile run on top of my normal walking.

Let's hope that tomorrow's drive to Penn Station is an easier one.

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