Saturday, January 16, 2016

Money just waiting to be picked up

I continue to be amazed daily by the amount of money just sitting on the sidewalk.  This weekend started with bootcamp at the gym (3 pennies on the way).  I left the gym and walked the half mile home, finding another 10 pennies on the way.  Funny, I was worried about the number 13.  Then I walked a little later to the grocery store to pick up coconut oil for my attempt at making my own chapstick.  On the way to the grocery, I found 1 penny.  Coming out the grocery store, I found two more pennies outside the door.

Then I walked to the bank to put my pocket change into the penny counter.  Before I put the money in, I noticed that the person before me left two dimes in the penny counter machine.  After I counted the money, I waited in line to buy a roll of quarters (searching for my nieces quarter books).  On the ground at the bank was a penny.  Then on the way home, I found another two cents.

Considering how much money this city costs, I am grateful for every penny that I find to put in my pocket.  I guess people just don't think about it or realize the worth.

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