Saturday, January 23, 2016

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

NYC got hit by a ton of snow today.  It's still coming down.  My automatic response is to do some baking.  I've already completed a spinach cheddar bacon quiche and two dozen home-made meatballs (first time making them and they smell great).  

As I walked out in the cold and snow to get an onion for my recipe, I was reminded of Rochester.  Rochester doesn't let snow affect them very much.  I go up there each year where I still have a house.  I try to make it there a few times of year, but for the past eight years I haven't missed the annual Special Olympics Polar Plunge.  In the past eight years, I've donned some crazy costume and jumped into the frozen waters of Lake Ontario with over 1000 other crazy people.  Fortunately, my friends and family have helped me raise more than $9,000 over the years.  

Stepping out in the cold, I was reminded of the Rochester cold and snow.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  

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