Monday, October 12, 2015

Don't pick up that dirty penny.

It was a really beautiful day to have the day off.  I have been making quick trips to walk back and forth to the store, the dry cleaner, the bank, and the laundry.  I just stopped by the laundry to see if Ken (he is married to a woman and about to be a father for the third time I found out today) had finished my laundry.  He told me it would be tough today.  He smiled and said it just had it in the wash and hopes to be done by 8:00 p.m.  

As I left, I walked back to my apartment.  By the bus stop, as I bent over to pick up a shiny penny, I heard a father telling his tiny daughter that she shouldn't pick pennies up off the street or sidewalk because it is a very dirty place with lots of germs.  

I ruined that lesson by stooping to pick up the penny while she watched and saying "thank God for the money."  

I loved the sound the penny I found made this morning as it dropped into my change jar.  I filmed this to capture the sound.  This one didn't ring as much, but still happy to see it.  

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