Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Walking in Rochester - how peaceful

This morning, I walked to my board meeting at a hotel about a mile from my house in Rochester.  It was so peaceful.  I have forgotten how noisy Brooklyn is between all the people walking and the honking horns and traffic.

You realize that in Rochester, almost no one walks to work.  Traffic downtown is not terrible.  This is at 8:00 a.m. which is approximately when I'd be walking in Brooklyn.  

The few people I did see made sure to make eye contact, nod, and some said, "Good Morning."  I've been doing that in Brooklyn, but only some of the elderly ever respond.  Everyone else looks at me like I've got three heads and am wearing nothing but a speedo.  

You'll notice only a few people in my photos.  I didn't wait for none to be around.  This is what my walk looked like today.  I lucked out with no rain on this crisp Autumn day.  I really love this statue of achilles.  It's always fun to see it.  

On my way back from the board meeting, the sun was setting.  It made everything glow with a golden light.  I tried to capture it in a photo, but none of them came out.  They all just looked like big balls of yellow and you couldn't see anything.  I have to figure out the exposure stuff on my iPhone.  

This evening, I decided to order dinner from one of my old favorites.  I flew here for my meeting and didn't rent a car, so it had to be a place I could walk to or have deliver.  I'm spoiled with all of the options for delivery of any kind of food from any ethnicity in the world in Brooklyn.  In Rochester, you are pretty much stuck with either Chinese food or Pizza to be delivered with some rare exceptions.  

I called up Panzari's  and ordered a Florentine pizza.  They still have it on the menu, which is awesome.  It's a wood fired thin crust pizza with arugula, vine ripe tomatoes, bacon, and cheese with a white garlic sauce.  They told me it would be ten minutes before it was ready.  I walked down there which takes about ten minutes and sat at the bar.  They were just starting the pizza when I showed up.  I enjoyed just listening to the conversations around me.  I recognized a few of the people in the restaurant, but they didn't appear to recognize me, so I just listened and watched.  After about 10 minutes, the waiter came over and handed me a large pizza.  He said he felt bad that I waited an extra 10 minutes and made me a large instead to make up for it.  Something like that never happens in Brooklyn.  This guy didn't know me or any of the staff recognize me as a man who had been a regular there five years prior, but they still treated me great.  

It's things like these (the peaceful walk, the nice people, and the customer service at most places) that make me miss this cute little small city and the great people that live here.  

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